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My Story


Hello and welcome to the fold!  I am so happy that you have connected with me.  My name is Casey (Scorpio Sun and Venus; Aquarius Moon and rising) and I use my empathic and intuitive abilities to read the energies of the tarot.

Growing up I always knew that I had significant spiritual abilities, but as a child and even into young adulthood, I had no idea how to harness them nor did I have the knowledge as to how to help others with them. 

I have had a few awakenings over the course of my life beginning in my early 20s, however, in 2019, I had a string of very powerful experiences that awakened the abilities that had been dormant within me.  These abilities range from clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.  I discovered I was able to feel the energies of others and interpret them.  The Divine then began moving me into my mission work as a lightworker to help others heal on their own paths.

I am humbled and honored to share this knowledge and use my intuitive gifts to help you through life's challenges and bring you clarity and healing.  

As always, may the love and light of the Divine Holy Spirit always surround and protect you...


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